Unique & Hand Made!
In Case Of is proud to offer you one of a kind products. All products are of our design and they are crafted, finished, and painted by hand. As a result, every cabinet is unique and special because no units are the same. Each cabinet comes with serial number and a wax seal of authenticity. Throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, all individual components as well as the product as a unit, are checked thoroughly for defects and/or deviations from our strict quality standards.


Demon Cabinet

The Demon Cabinet. Throw Them To The Pits.
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Unique & Hand Made!
All Products Are Crafted, Finished & Painted By Hand
In Case Of is proud to offer you one of a kind products. All products are of our design and they are crafted, finished, and painted by hand. As a result, every cabinet is unique and special because no units are the same. Each cabinet comes with serial number and a wax seal of authenticity. Throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, all individual components as well as the product as a unit, are checked thoroughly for defects and/or deviations from our strict quality standards.



The demon emergency cabinet includes :

1. Large cross
2. Blessed protective cross
3. Holly water container
4. Bible
5. Stole
6. Sacred scroll of abolishment
7. 10 ft. of constraining rope

* All included objects are non operational and non functional. The Emergency Cabinet is for display purposes only. (see tab "Important Info")  


Content Description
The Demon emergency cabinet provides the tools necessary to liberate the body, the spirit, and the soul of the possessed, through exorcism. The cross is a weapon and a shield against the powers of the Demon. Holy water is the tool that breaks the Demon's concentration and of course the constraining rope keeps the Demon from unleashing a physical attack. Be warned! The Demon's power is not limited to physical attack. Lies, painful truths, and deceitful accusations are also weapons in the evil arsenal. Arm yourself with faith and will power and silence the dark arsenal. Though faith may be your primary weapon hold fast to your Bible, the unbeatable ally breaking the Demons' defenses. When vulnerable and weakened launch an attack with the scroll of abolishment. The scroll of abolishment is one, if not the most, powerful script/prayer against demons and unholy creatures. Use with caution due to its powerful nature.       


Product Description
Demon emergency cabinet
•    Dimensions: H: 47cm / 18.50in , W: 47cm / 18.50in, D: 11cm / 4.33in
•    Approx. Weight:  5.6kg / 12.3lb
•    Case:  sheet metal, Front: 4mm Tempered (Safety) Glass    
•    Included objects materials: plastic, paper, metal and fabric.

o    All objects are hand made
o    All painted objects are hand painted
o    All objects are designed by "in case of" 
o    All objects are unique


Package includes
•    Demons emergency cabinet
•    Instructions and information manual
•    Wall-drywall mounting materials (screws, washers, etc)
•    Complimentary “in case of” sticker

Important Info

Each emergency cabinet is completely sealed and cannot be opened unless heavy force is used which will excessively damage the cabinet and the ornaments (objects) there in. 
All ornaments (objects) within the cabinet are permanently affixed to the back of the cabinet with mechanical and chemical means. 
All ornaments (objects) are non operational and they do not have any movable or operational parts and cannot be (objects or parts thereof) engineered into operation.

The "In case of Exorcism" product is for display purposes only. In no event will In case of™ be liable for any use or misuse of the product beyond its intended purpose. In no event will In case of™ be liable if the product is modified or tampered with in any way from its original state. In case of™ will not be held liable for statements, product descriptions, product layouts and photos that someone might consider them offensive due to religion, culture and/or political views or ideas.

About us

The Beginning

In case of wondering about us, we are two childhood buddies tracking down a  common dream.. Very early on, we found ourselves fascinated by the paranormal, the fantastic, science fiction, horror and in general by all aspects and expressions of this type of popular culture. As you can imagine the fascination was deep, strong and long-term! …

The Middle

In 2007, in a heated discussion over direct protection from zombies, we came up with the idea of a zombie emergency cabinet. This brilliant  idea remained an idea until 2010 when, not only did we built the actual cabinet, but we also came up with the greater idea of creating an actual company that would provide means against all possible cases of extraordinary hazard. Compared to the evolved cabinet samples you can view today on our site, that first cabinet stands a rough and  crude attempt, however also a symbol of "budhood", good cooperation and quality fun. From this humble beginning the project took off  exploring possibilities, establishing standards, and seeking improvements, so...

The Present

Today, we are proud to offer you products of high quality and craftsmanship. Throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, all individual components as well as the product as a unit are checked thoroughly for defects and/or deviations from our strict quality standards.

Remember,  that  every cabinet is special and unique as no units are  the same. When you acquire an “in case of” product you know that it is one of a kind and that will never be exactly replicated.  Our products are crafted, painted, and finished by hand, also implementing hand operated power tools.

The Future

 Keep on making dreams come true…


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Know Thine Enemy

Here is some critical information identifying the Strengths & Weaknesses of your Enemy!


General Description: Zombies are animated mindless corpses with a powerful drive for feeding. In most cases, a virus is suspected to be the cause of the condition, but there are also reasons to believe that  metaphysical activities stand behind their creation. Reports seem to focus on those recently deceased turning into zombies, but- although less common-, reports exist on corpses rising from graves  they have inhabited for numbers of years. Also rare are instances of pets and other domesticated, or wild animals becoming reanimated to a zombie like state.          Combat:Strengths: Zombies never stop pursuing the potential victim unless they are killed, or completely disabled. In some cases, they can be distracted but only before engaging the victim. One of their greatest strengths lies with their numbers. Usually they move in large groups which may compensate for any  weaknesses. Some reports,  mention  extreme muscle strength exceeding by far that of humans. Reports also record that religious artifacts and instruments (crosses, holy water, etc) have no effect against zombies.    Weaknesses: The main weakness of zombies lies with their inability to move fast  and  their almost non existent  reflexes'. However, unsubstantiated reports exist describing fast moving and extremely agile zombie like creatures. Their intelligence is extremely limited to the point that is characterized as a basic feeding instinct. Depending on the stage of decay, the skin, muscles,  and tissue of zombies can  be easily damaged.      Habitat/Society:Appearance: Always depending on the level of decay, from a distance, zombie appearance may range from that of ordinary people to almost skeletons. Yet to the trained eye the movement of a zombie is unmistakably not human. Usually, if not always, zombie clothing is ragged and worn out taking the toll off their owners' condition..Frequency: Zombie frequency is analogous to human concentrations. In big cities it is most possible, if not certain, that a large number of zombies will be encountered. This, however, may change as victims (food) becomes scarce. In time, zombies tend to wonder about in search of food usually in numbers making  large zombie concentrations a likely encounter almost anywhere.Organization: There is no known organized zombie group. Zombies tent to congregate in areas with a high volume of  noise which, in a way, they interpret as a food source.Intelligence: Their intelligence is extremely limited to the point that it is no more than a basic feeding instinct.Diet: Zombies will consume any warm blooded species whether humans, animals (domesticated or not), rodents, etc. There are reports that zombies, or at least a certain kind of zombies, hunt in particular for human brains. Disclaimer: In case of ™ will not be held liable for any and all texts published. All texts in this category are based on popular culture, myths, legends and/or fairytales. 



General Description: Vampires are probably the most feared, the most dreadful of the undead creatures. One aspect that enhances this threat is that unlike other undead creatures, vampires can pass as normal human beings. Vampires prey without compassion or mercy upon the living. Traditionally, vampires must return to their coffins, or their "resting place" through daytime, thus avoiding daylight at all costs. According to myth and tradition besides feeding, vampires need to regenerate their powers. This can be achieved coming in contact with soil from their graves. A living creature can become a vampire by means of a curse and/or through a bite from vampire. Suspicions however exist that vampires are the product of a virus carrying the condition.           Combat:Strengths: Vampires possess far superior physical strength than that of humans and can also move exceptionally fast in complete silence. Their abilities, however, do not end here. A human  unlucky enough to get caught in a "vampire's gaze" will succumb to the vampire's will. Vampires are also masters of evasion. Reports have them turning into bats, mist, or even completely disappearing into thin air in order to escape their pursuers. Vampires are almost indestructible, if not through very specific and in many instances ritualistic process.          Weaknesses: A Vampire is a formidable opponent but there is still a good number of weaknesses that can be advantageous to the pursuer. Identifying a vampire is no easy task, however not an impossibility. Vampires do not cast shadows or reflections in mirrors, while animals, especially dogs and horses, are sensitive to their presence and react in an alarming way in vampire proximity. Also, vampires have an aversion to garlic, mirrors, and religious artifacts (crosses, bible, holy water, etc). Although crosses, garlic, and holy water can be used to stop a vampire from attacking or keep the creature to a distance they  do not cause actual or any excessive harm. A cross held with conviction and faith will keep vampires at bay, but will not disable them.  A Vampire can be killed exposed to direct sunlight or by driving a wooden stake through the heart. However,  be  aware that if the stake is removed the creature is restored to life. This means that additional  measures should be taken like for example having the creature also decapitated.              Habitat/Society:             Appearance: Vampires can pass as normal human beings.  Differences from human beings  are very subtle. Vampires are cold to the touch, at least compared to an average human being, and they tend to have sharp facial features indicative of their feral nature.     Frequency:  According to estimates by vampire observers and hunters the ratio is 1 vampire to every 50.000 to 100.000 humans. So to an estimated 6 billion human population, there are 60.000 to 120.000 Vampires roaming in the world.   Organization: Although vampires can be solitary creatures,  usually they form groups or in some cases even larger societies. In those groups it is almost certain that there is a leader, (a master), obeyed by the other vampires in strict hierarchy down to a number of human servants usually mesmerized by the "vampire gaze". There are rumors of extremely large societies that reach  populations of small towns. These groups exist with in the proximity of large to very large human populations that are the main food supply and of course for blending in and remaining undetected. It is much easier to go unnoticed in a large city than in a village.Intelligence: Vampires are as intelligent as they were before they turned. Nevertheless, their intelligence grows with knowledge and experiences they accumulate  through the unending eons of their undying existence.          Diet: According to tradition, vampires feed on fresh human blood, although there are cases of vampires feeding of energy (life energy). Disclaimer: In case of ™ will not be held liable for any and all texts published. All texts in this category are based on popular culture, myths, legends and/or fairytales.



General Description: Werewolves - a combination of wolf and human-  are fearsome creatures,. The history of the werewolf can be traced back to Ancient Greece (hence the term lycanthrope/λυκάνθρωπος or lycanthropy/λυκανθρωπία), to native American legends, through medieval Europe to our very modern times. The myths and legends describe werewolves in many different ways but three types are the most commonly encountered ones: the Shapeshifter, the Wolfman and the Werewolf. The Shapeshifter has the ability to change to werewolf and back at will and is able to keep its human higher functions (logic, emotions, strategy, goals,  etc). However, when in werewolf form is susceptible to instinct and bouts of rage that may cloud judgment. The Wolfman, is a creature that, either is a werewolf in a permanent state, or is human by day and a werewolf at night. When in werewolf state its behavior is beastlike, while according to myths, does not have recollections of its werewolf state. Finally the Werewolf is one of the most popular legends describing humans that always transform into werewolves during full moon. When in this state the creature is driven by uncontrollable rage. Just as the Wolfman, the Werewolf does not have recollections of its werewolf state.              Combat:Strengths: Werewolves are massive creatures that by size alone can inspire incontrollable fear to their opponents. They posses far superior strength and agility than that of humans and they are also equipped with claws and strong jaws that can easily dismember a human. Furthermore they are persistent hunters of pray. Completing this terrifying creature, a werewolf cannot be killed easily by conventional ways, or weapons.      Weaknesses: Werewolves are tough opponents even to the most trained hunter and definitely unbeatable to the average human. However, unlike vampires, zombies, spirits, or other alike creatures, they can be wounded by regular weapons and ammo. Be warned that killing a Werewolf with conventional weapons and ammo is close to impossible, but it is possible to slow it down, avert an attack, or even temporarily disable it. The best way to kill a werewolf is to use pure silver, preferably in the form of bullets. The aim should be for the beast's heart since pure silver will stop the beating instantly even if the projectile does not destroy the heart itself. Equipped with specially modified silver bullets that break into miniscule shrapnel,  you can kill the beast without the crucial difficulty of hitting the heart, since the shrapnel will enter the werewolf's bloodstream and reach the heart.           Habitat/Society:Appearance: Do not fear! There in no possible way to mistake a werewolf when you see one. A typical werewolf is significantly taller and wider than an average male human. It carries a human like posture (standing on two legs, and exhibiting two arms) but is covered in fur and has wolf like ears and facial features. Reportedly, Werewolf eyes are glowing yellow or red.       Frequency: Most reports indicate that the werewolf population is very small (a few thousands worldwide). However, alarming rumors exist of a great numbers of werewolves have lived for centuries in very careful hiding -never seen by humans. (The reason for this is unknown).  Organization: According to legend werewolves are solitary creatures, in both human and werewolf states but there are also reports of organized werewolf societies   Intelligence: Werewolves are as intelligent as their human self but in the form of werewolf overtaken by rage and instinct they have no use for intelligence or judgment.        Diet: It is not known if the werewolf consume their prey. Usually they satisfy their hunger while in human form. Reports are contradictory in this area.Disclaimer: In case of ™ will not be held liable for any and all texts published. All texts in this category are based on popular culture, myths, legends and/or fairytales.



General Description: For innumerable eons, Demons have roamed our world. The word “Demon” derives from the Greek word “δαίμων/daimōn” which denotes a spirit or divine power that can have a powerful evil or benevolent effect upon humans.  In contemporary cultures/religions, the same word “Demon” is confined to its dark aspect as the true stigma of personified evil. According to myth and legend, Demons follow a strict hierarchy under Satan. Their power to possess living creatures makes them extremely dangerous and eventually harmful to humans that may become possessed, as well as those that are in their close proximity -loved ones, family, friends-.  Next to the simple pleasure of causing havoc and creating chaos, Demons might have other, “advanced” goals which depend on their nature and hierarchical classification. Combat:Strengths: Demon powers depend upon hierarchical levels.  Low level demons can go as far as manipulating the vessel (possessed) and manifesting in terrifying, awesome forms.  Their attacks are usually limited to verbal threats, lies, deceptions, entrapments, and revelations of secrets and painful truths. Higher level demons can realize the above threats having acquired the power of direct physical attack or the ability of telekinesis. These types of demons are very resistant to exorcism. At the highest level, demons are almost invincible. It is not unlikely for the exorcist to get injured by the creature and/or the vessel (possessed) to be physically and mentally debilitated. In some rare cases, deaths have been reported.               Weaknesses: Demons can only exist in our plane through vessels and even then they have to abandon most of their powers. Once in our world, demons feel a strong aversion to religious artifacts, places of worship and people of the cloth. Demons also lack patience; they are susceptible to vanity and are often blinded by wrath. These traits can provide great advantages to an expert. The only way to drive the demon out of the vessel (possessed) is through exorcism. The ritual of exorcism aims to extract the evil demon spirit and abolish it back to hell avoiding as much as possible irreparable harm to the vessel. Armed with patience, persistence, faith, conviction, and the right tools an exorcist can almost unfailingly drive the evil spirit back to the depths of hell. Habitat/Society: Appearance: Since demons exist in our world through vessels (possessed humans), there is no way to identify a demon vs. a human from their appearance. Only behaviour can give out clues.Frequency: Unknown! Frequency information depends on successful exorcism performances, however we have no official statistical data on this practice. Estimates through exorcists and participants brings the number of performed exorcisms to about 10,000 or even 15,000 annually. Since the numbers refer to identified, captured, and exorcised demons, there is no way of even approximating the numbers of demons that roam the earth.Organization: Demons follow a strict hierarchy under their master, Satan. They are organized in legions ruled by legion lords. For example, Demons under Lord Beelzebub thrive in destruction, jealousy, and the spread of demon worship. Demons under Lord Baal or Berith seek to provoke murder and advance blasphemy. Demons under Lord Asmodeus provoke revenge, violence, and overwhelming lust.Intelligence: Demons are highly intelligent. They are experts in detecting weakness and use this ability to corrupt, confuse and defeat their opponent. On the other hand, as mentioned previously, demons lack patience, are susceptible to vanity and they are often blinded by wrath - traits that counteract their intelligence. Disclaimer: In case of ™ will not be held liable for any and all texts published. All texts in this category are based on popular culture, myths, legends and/or fairytales.